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"Ending Hunger,  One Meal, at a Time."

“Ending food insecurity begins with a shared commitment to nourishing every community, one meal at a time.”

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Christy's Foundation

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

At Christys Foundation, our mission is to alleviate food insecurity and support families in need within our community. We understand that many individuals and families face challenges in accessing nutritious meals on a regular basis, and our food relief program aims to provide essential support during these difficult times.

Our purpose is two-fold:

  1. Alleviating Food Insecurity: We strive to ensure that no individual or family goes hungry. Through our food relief program, we distribute nutritious food items, including fresh produce, pantry staples, and protein sources, to those facing food insecurity.

  2. Supporting Community Well-being: Beyond providing meals, our program is designed to foster community well-being. We believe that access to nutritious food is fundamental to health and quality of life. By supporting families with essential food items, we aim to promote physical health, emotional well-being, and overall resilience within our community.

Through strategic partnerships with local businesses, donors, and volunteers, we maximize our impact and reach more individuals who are in need. Our approach is rooted in compassion, dignity, and respect for all individuals, ensuring that our support is accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of our community members.

Ultimately, Christys Foundation’s food relief program is a testament to our commitment to creating a community where every individual has access to the basic necessity of food, empowering families to thrive and build a brighter future.

Our Vision

Our vision at Christys Foundation is to create a community where every individual has reliable access to nutritious food, empowering them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Through our food relief program, we envision:

  1. Ending Hunger: We strive to eliminate food insecurity by ensuring that no one in our community goes without access to essential meals. Our vision is a community where hunger is a thing of the past, and all individuals have the resources they need to thrive.

  2. Promoting Health and Well-being: We aim to contribute to the overall health and well-being of our community members. By providing nutritious food options and essential support, we envision healthier lifestyles and improved outcomes for individuals and families.

  3. Building Resilient Communities: We envision a community strengthened by compassion and solidarity. Through our food relief efforts, we seek to foster resilience, unity, and a sense of shared responsibility among community members.

  4. Empowering Individuals: Our vision includes empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. By addressing immediate food needs, we aim to create opportunities for personal growth, educational attainment, and economic stability.

  5. Sustainable Impact: We aspire to create lasting change through sustainable practices and partnerships. Our vision includes a community where food relief efforts are integrated into broader initiatives that address root causes of food insecurity and promote long-term solutions.

Through collaboration with local partners, donors, and volunteers, we are dedicated to realizing this vision and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we envision a future where hunger is eradicated, health and well-being are prioritized, and every member of our community has the opportunity to thrive.

This vision guides our actions and inspires us to continue our mission of serving with compassion, integrity, and dedication to creating positive change.

Our Values

At Christys Foundation, our food relief program is guided by core values that shape our approach to serving our community and fulfilling our mission:

  1. Compassion: We believe in approaching every individual with empathy and understanding. Our actions are driven by a deep compassion for those facing food insecurity, recognizing their dignity and inherent worth.

  2. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our operations. Integrity is foundational to how we engage with donors, partners, and the community we serve.

  3. Collaboration: We foster partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and volunteers to maximize our impact. Collaboration allows us to leverage collective strengths and resources, creating sustainable solutions to food insecurity.

  4. Accountability: We are committed to being accountable to our donors, partners, and the community. We strive for measurable outcomes and responsible stewardship of resources to ensure transparency and trust.

  5. Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and inclusivity in our programs and services. We strive to serve all individuals and families in need, regardless of background, ethnicity, or beliefs, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

  6. Empowerment: We empower individuals by providing access to nutritious food and resources that support long-term self-sufficiency. Our programs are designed to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to overcome food insecurity and thrive.

  7. Innovation: We continuously seek innovative approaches to address food insecurity and meet the evolving needs of our community. Through creativity and adaptability, we strive to develop effective solutions that have a lasting impact.

  8. Respect: We treat every individual with respect and dignity. We value diversity of perspectives and experiences, creating a space where everyone feels valued and heard.

  9. Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact and maximize community benefit. We seek to build resilience and create lasting change through responsible use of resources and thoughtful planning.

These values guide our daily actions and decisions as we work towards our vision of a community where every individual has access to nutritious food and the opportunity to thrive. Together, we are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact on food insecurity in our community.


Contribution Matters

“Join us as a monthly donor and be the steady heartbeat in our mission to end food insecurity. Your consistent support ensures that families in our community have reliable access to nutritious meals every day.”

At Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program, every donation, volunteer hour, and partnership matters deeply. Together, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity in our community.

Your Donations Make an Impact: When you donate to Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program, you directly support our mission to alleviate hunger. Your financial contributions enable us to purchase nutritious food items, maintain essential infrastructure, and expand our outreach efforts. Every dollar you donate translates into meals on tables and hope for those in need.

Volunteers Are the Heart of Our Operation: Volunteers are essential to the success of Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program. Your time and dedication help us sort, pack, and distribute food to our community members. Whether you volunteer for a few hours a week or contribute during special events, your efforts are invaluable in ensuring smooth operations and providing compassionate service to those we serve.

Partnerships Strengthen Our Impact: Partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and community groups are vital in amplifying our impact. Through collaborative efforts, we expand our reach, access additional resources, and implement innovative solutions to tackle food insecurity effectively. Together, we can create a more resilient and nourished community where everyone has access to the food they need.

At Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program, your contribution—whether through donations, volunteering, or partnerships—truly makes a difference. By joining hands with us, you become a catalyst for positive change, helping to build a stronger, healthier community where no one has to face hunger alone.

Join us today in our mission to fight food insecurity. Visit, volunteer your time, donate generously, or explore partnership opportunities. Together, we can ensure that every individual and family in our community has access to the nourishment they need to thrive.

Stories of Change

Visit our website to read inspiring Stories of Change from individuals and families whose lives have been positively impacted by Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program. Discover firsthand accounts of resilience and transformation, like Sarah, a single mother who found stability and hope through our support, or Mike, a veteran who overcame homelessness with our assistance. These stories highlight the profound impact of our community-driven approach to combating food insecurity, offering a glimpse into how compassionate support and nutritious meals can empower individuals to thrive. Join us in celebrating these journeys of resilience and discover how together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Our Journey

Our Events

“Join us at Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program events to make a direct impact in combating food insecurity in our community. From food drives to fundraising galas, each event plays a crucial role in supporting our mission to provide nutritious meals to families in need. Whether you volunteer your time, donate resources, or simply attend to show your support, your involvement helps us build a stronger, more resilient community. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every family has access to the nourishment they deserve. Visit our events page to find out how you can join us in creating positive change.”

To get involved with Christy’s Foundation Food Relief program, you can start by visiting our website or reaching out directly via email at We offer opportunities for volunteering, donating food or funds, and partnering with local businesses and organizations to expand our reach and impact in combating food insecurity within our community. Your support helps ensure that individuals and families in need receive essential nourishment and support to thrive.



At Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program, we gratefully accept various types of donations to support our mission of alleviating food insecurity in our community. We welcome non-perishable food items such as canned goods, rice, pasta, and cereal, which are essential for creating balanced and nutritious meal options. Additionally, we appreciate donations of fresh produce, dairy products, and frozen foods to offer diverse and healthy choices to those we serve. Monetary donations are also crucial as they enable us to purchase perishable items, maintain operational efficiency, and expand our outreach efforts. Your generosity in any form helps us ensure that individuals and families facing food insecurity receive the support and sustenance they need to thrive. For more information on how to donate, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program is dedicated to serving the communities of Los Angeles County and the Glendale area by providing essential food assistance to individuals and families facing food insecurity. We recognize the diverse needs within these regions and strive to ensure equitable access to nutritious meals for all residents. Through our distribution centers and community partnerships, we aim to reach underserved populations and provide support that fosters dignity and resilience. By focusing on these areas, we can make a meaningful impact in addressing hunger and promoting food security, ultimately building stronger, healthier communities where everyone has access to the nourishment they need to thrive.

At Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program, we prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in our mission to combat food insecurity. We do not require individuals to provide social security numbers or any personal documentation to access our services. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where anyone in need can receive nutritious food with dignity and respect. By removing barriers such as documentation requirements, we ensure that all members of our community can access the support they deserve during challenging times. Our commitment to serving with compassion extends to every person who seeks assistance from our food relief program.

Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program operates as a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to alleviating hunger and food insecurity in the communities of Los Angeles County and the Glendale area. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on the generosity of donors, volunteers, and community partners to support our mission. Our commitment extends beyond providing immediate food assistance; we also focus on education, advocacy, and community empowerment to address the root causes of hunger. By fostering collaborative relationships and implementing effective programs, we strive to build a sustainable and equitable food system where everyone has access to nutritious meals and opportunities for a better quality of life.

Christy’s Foundation Food Relief Program does not have an age limit for individuals to receive food assistance. We understand that food insecurity can affect individuals of all ages, from young children to seniors. Our program is designed to serve the entire community, ensuring that everyone in need has access to nutritious meals without discrimination based on age or any other factor. Whether you are a family with young children, a senior citizen on a fixed income, or a single adult facing financial hardship, we are here to provide support and help alleviate hunger for all who seek assistance. Our goal is to foster a caring and inclusive environment where individuals and families can receive the nourishment they need to thrive.

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Press Release

“At Christy’s Foundation, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the lives of over 100,000 families each year through our Food Relief Program. We believe that access to nutritious food is a fundamental right, and we work tirelessly to ensure that no family goes hungry in our community. With the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors, we provide essential food assistance to those facing food insecurity, offering not only nourishment but also hope for a brighter future. Together, we are creating a stronger, more resilient community where everyone can thrive.”

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