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Christy’s Foundation serves as a safety net for children and families who have fallen through the cracks of existing agencies and charitable organizations.

Christy's Foundation

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission “At Christy’s Foundation, our unwavering mission is to empower and uplift the lives of vulnerable populations, including children, the homeless, and women in need. Through our heartfelt commitment, we provide immediate assistance and nurture the futures of those often overlooked by society. We believe that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the chance to thrive, dream, and reach their full potential. Guided by our values of compassion, inclusivity, and respect, we plant the seeds of positive transformation in our communities, envisioning a future where systemic poverty, loneliness, and homelessness are mere choices of the past. With love, dignity, and unwavering dedication, we create pathways to brighter, prosperous futures for all.”

Our Vision” At Christy’s Foundation, we envision a future where
compassion knows no boundaries, and every individual has the opportunity to flourish, regardless of their circumstances. We see a world where systemic poverty has been eradicated, where loneliness is replaced by vibrant communities, and where homelessness is a choice of the past. In this future, the working poor find pathways to prosperity, children are nurtured to their fullest potential, and women in need are empowered to achieve their dreams. Our vision is one of inclusivity, respect, and unwavering love, where our actions today create ripples of positive change that resonate for generations to come. We are dedicated to turning this vision into reality, one life, one community, and one heart at a time.”

Our Values Unconditional Love Respect and Dignity for all.


Contribution Matters

Become a Monthly Donor and Donate to Children in Need

You can change the life of a child, youth or family by making a contribution to Christy’s Foundation. When you offer a monthly gift, you help us to sustain change and meet the ever expanding continuum of care. Our children thank you; our transitional age youth, thank you; our families, thank you and those who were previously homeless, thank you.

Stories of Change

See how your donations help us make a difference in children’s lives

Our Journey

Our Events

Participate in our events that fuel change and bring smiles to these innocent faces.



clothing, toys, hygiene kits, undergarments, etc.  new/like new condition.

cash / check or on you can donate on website at donate now.

Currently Los Angeles county and surrounding areas.

we do not require social security numbers.

Christys Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization- all donations are considered tax deductible.

we have no age limit

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Press Release

Christy Dawson has a created a 501(c)(3) foundation christysfoundation  to help Children, the Homeless & Women. Christy, has several events where she’s give out 1000’s worth of items ranging from; Bras, cloths, Toys, Food & more to help. Christy is solely funding these events from proceeds she earns from her store footbuddys.Christy is quite given & takes no shortcut to help.

Christy Foundation hosts the Annual Christy Foundation Christmas Toy Giveaway. Annually Christy Foundation is donating toys, socks, groceries, etc. total valued at over $20k to children who show up.

Charitable “Better to Give than Receive” event, to be held at the Topanga Mall begin

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